March 2007

Is there an advantage to using a social security lawyer that is located near you versus one of these national companies? The ones that advertise on the internet are based in New York or Florida or California. They may have a regional office in Chicago. But basically you do business with them through the mail or over the phone, if they will return your call.

You can always reach me on the telephone, or drive to my office, or I will drive to meet you if we cannot meet any other way. I meet with my clients throughout the disability process to discuss forms that need to be completed, doctors’ treatments, prepare for the hearing, and to answer any questions you may have. If needed, I even give my clients rides to the hearing. Some company from out of state is not going to do this.

Another thing the out of state companies do is make you pay for your own medical records at the time they order them. Why would they make you do this when you are sick and cannot work. The costs can add up. I pay for all medical records up front, and only ask for repayment after you win and you get your money from Social Security.

You can still do business face-to-face, in today’s world, and in a way that is cost effective to you without sacrificing experience and a personal relationship.

Finally, I know the judges you will have to testify before and their preferences. There is no way someone from Chicago or out of state can do this. Only your local social security disability lawyer can do this.

Remember, I cover Peoria, Bloomington, Pontiac, Springfield, and Champaign, Illinois and I would be glad to talk with you about the ways I can help you in your social security disability claim. Call Dirk 309-827-4371.


For those looking for a way to pay less for their prescriptions; found an interesting post on the re crack dealers would make a lot more if they followed Walgreens business practices. It points out that Walgreens and CVS charge much more for prescriptions than Sam’s Club and Costco. There is apparently a wide price range for many prescription drugs. You do not have to buy a membership to fill your prescription at either Sam’s or Costco. With the insurance problems many of us face, any information regarding lower prices for healthcare is vital and welcome.