January 2008

Tax time is rolling around again, and a number of Central Illinois communities provide free tax filing assistance for those with income below $40,000. For instance, in Bloomington, Peoria, Springfield and Champaign you can contact your library and they will provide you with details regarding tax filing help.

For many people seeking Social Security Disability the Earned Income Tax Credit may be available. This provides a nice amount of money for many people.

Be sure to call your local library and ask for details on free tax filing assistance.


People in Bloomington, Pontiac and surrounding Central Illinois cities must travel to Peoria for their Social Security hearings. Some of my clients cannot drive and cannot find anyone to drive them to their Social Security hearing. I have no problem taking them to the hearing.

Please feel free to contact me with any of your Social Security disability questions, or if you need assistance in getting to the hearing.

A CBS News Story is planned for Monday January 14, 2008 and Tuesday January 15, 2008 regarding the Social Security Disability backlogs throughout the country.

More judges have been hired for local offices and judges have been hired to work out of a central office in Virginia to hold video hearings for claimants from all over.

The question remains whether Social Security can hire enough front line workers to prepare the files for hearing and the new judges.

If you are thinking about filing for Social Security Disability you should do so as soon as possible for the following reasons:

1. It does not cost anything to file. There are no filing fees. It will take you some time to answer questions for the application but otherwise there is no cost.

2. Every day you wait to file for Social Security Disability may cost you back benefits. The rule is that you can only receive back benefits from 1 year before your application date. If you were disabled for 2 years before you applied this would mean you would lose 1 year’s worth of back benefits.

3. The Social Security Disability process takes a long time so the sooner you start the better. It takes over 2 years from time of filing till a hearing is held.

Any questions regarding filing for disability in Central Illinois please call Dirk at 309-827-4371.