March 2008

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Why is Good Friday “good”? It is good for the creation that God reached down through Jesus to lift up his sinful people. When we have Jesus we have all things worthwhile. Even in our illness, discouragement, and fallen state Christ transforms us. Good Friday is truly good, but Easter Sunday is even better. The resurrection fills us with hope for the present and certainly for the future.

Have a blessed Easter.

Recent Social Security reports tout the hiring of 175 new administrative law judges. This will probably not do much for the backlog. 175 judges spread across the country will not mean that many more hearings based on the thousands of people waiting for a trial.

Another attempt to reduce the work load is doing video hearings from field offices that have a smaller work load. For instance, Arizona judges will start doing video hearings for the Danville, Illinois office. This may help out somewhat, but the bottom line is that more staff are needed in the field office to prepare the cases for hearing. This would result in the cases being ready sooner and would help spot cases that are deserving of an on the record decision.

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In Social Security Disability cases all your conditions and symptoms matter. Sometimes a certain illness dominates your life, but a combination of diseases can push you over the edge so that you can no longer work.

For example, you may have a neck problem that also results in headaches and also experience chronic depression. All of these conditions limit your ability to function on a daily basis. The more limitations you have the better your chance is to argue for severe disability that will keep you from working a full time job.

The key to convincing an Administrative Law Judge is to go for treatment on a consistent basis and to explain your problems to your doctors each time you go.

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