June 2008

The Disabilities Expo returns to Bloomington, Illinois for the second annual event on October 23, 2008.

I know it is early, but Access Allies has announced the date so I wanted to let everyone know before their calendars filled up.

It is a fun evening of learning, meeting others and discussing the different organizations, providers and vendors who provide services to adults, parents and children in Central Illinois.

I will remind everyone as we get closer to the date. Any questions call me or check out the http://www.accessallies.org website. Just click on the link on this page.


Some people misunderstand what your Congress person can do for your Social Security Disability case. 

Social Security is a federal program, so your state representative or senator cannot help you.

You must contact your Congress person or one of your United States Senators.

All they are allowed to do by law is contact the Social Security Office and ask whether the case is eligible to be set for hearing faster than usual. They absolutely cannot influence the decision in the case. In other words, they cannot recommend you be granted benefits. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not telling you the truth.

Before you contact your Congress person be sure that you have all your medical records and evidence ready for trial. If you do not, this can damage your case.

If you need help finding contact information for your Congress person or United States Senator in Illinois, please feel free to call Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371.  

Part of the Social Security Administration’s plan to reduce the great number of cases waiting for hearing is to use technology to speed up things.

This may be a great idea, but the problem is in the execution.

For example, have you tried to submit your application by computer or appeal your case denial on line.

It is frustrating, time consuming and mind bending.

Most of us are not computer savy. We can do a few things, but we sure would like it to be a lot easier.

Is that too much to ask?

Make it user friendly and maybe this whole “technology will save the day and reduce case loads and get a social security disability decision in a reasonable time idea” will actually work. 

Your treating Doctor can be very helpful to your Social Security Disability case. You will need to ask her to work with you on your Social Security case.  This will include include having the Doctor note and record: 

  • All your symptoms
  • Your limitations as a result of your condition
  • Your ability to maintain pace required for a full time job
  • Your lifting, standing and walking abilities
  • Side effects from your medications
  • Changes in your condition from visit to visit

Most doctors are very willing to assist their patients. You will need to let them know about the process, or your lawyer can explain what the Social Security Judge is looking for.