July 2008

  1. Go to your doctor as often as needed. Social Security is all about medical records. You will not win if you do not have treatment. I know many people do not have insurance. But you need to do what you can to seek treatment- free clinic, public aid card, etc.
  2. Tell your doctor everything that causes you problems. All your conditions can be important in Social Security disability. If you do not tell your doctor it will not show up in the records.
  3. Tell the judge how your conditions limit your daily activities. The more descriptive you are, the better. This is not like TV lawyer shows where you only answer the question asked. The more the judge knows about your limitations the better your chances.
  4. Do not give up. If you are denied you must continue to appeal and file again if necessary. 
  5. Be patient. It takes two to three years to go through the process. You must hang in there. 

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Social Security is slowly moving towards doing things online. For the most part the application can be started online. And now, SSA is moving toward requiring appeals to be done online. This eliminates a long standing problem of some Social Security offices claiming that they did not receive appeals paperwork; resulting in the need to start over again. The process is somewhat frustrating because the computer requires specific information so you must comply or not get through the appeal. Once the appeal is completed you will get a receipt.The local office in Bloomington, Illinois at least seems to be responding quickly once the appeal is submitted online. You must still send in the Appointment of Representative form and fee agreement and SSA authorizations. So not everything is online.I would be interested in other people’s experience with the online applications or appeals.

It is certainly easier for Social Security to find you disabled if you are 50 years or older, but you can be considered disabled if you are under 50 years of age. First, you have to prove you can no longer work the jobs you performed over the last 15 years.Then you have to prove you cannot do any other type of work.This is the difficult part because most people can do some type of sit down work.Social Security does not consider whether you can actually get the jobs they list, or whether anyone is really hiring.The only question is whether based on your limitations you can actually do the job.If you are under 50 years of age and wonder if you may be disabled according to Social Security please call Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371. 

Why have the employment numbers at Social Security decreased over 2.5% the last few years, and at the same time the number of Social Security Disability filings have rapidly increased? 

Remember, the Congress has trended Democratic recently and the Social Security budget has not increased much.

The disability cases are taking longer to get to hearing, and people are dying and going broke while they wait. 

Maybe, we should be asking our Congressmen and women the same question. I am sure the answers would be fascinating. 

If you receive a response from your Congress person, pass it along.