I am rethinking the whole idea of using a Congressperson’s assistance in speeding up a Social Security Disability case. 

This is the reason: the judges, office manager and case reviewers often get defensive if they think someone is looking over their shoulder pushing a case.

This usually ends in a way that is less than satisfactory for the claimant (you).

I suppose a one time inquiry will not do any harm, however,  multiple calls from the congressperson’s office probably do not help your case.I have seen Judge’s take a hard line on certain cases, and I am left wondering if this is because a congressional office pushed too hard.

Certainly, you can appeal but that destroys the whole idea of speeding up the case. It will take at least another six months and may result in you having to reapply.

I understand that the whole Social Security Disability process is a mess and takes much too long, but sometimes the so called Congressional shortcuts do not really help out that much and must be used very carefully.