February 2009

There are reports that the proposed Federal Budget for this fiscal year will allow Social Security to hire an additional 5,000 to 6,000 workers by the end of the year.

This would allow a large number of workers to assist with more Social Security Disability cases, if they were assigned to the appropriate sections.

However, it takes time to hire the workers and train them and start them working.

This means that cases backlogs and delays will not automatically go away. The other factor is that more cases may be filed than in the past because of the bad economy and a larger number of people filing disability claims.

The bottom line is that the wait for Social Security Disability hearings will continue to be anywhere from two to three years for the near term.

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Let’s put it this way, there is much more chance that the Obama administration will pay attention to Social Security Disability and try to improve the waiting periods for a Social Security Disability hearing than if this was the McCain administration.

It is much more likely that people in the Obama administration have closer ties with some of the groups advocating for people with disabilities and some of the legal groups who represent people with disabilities. 

There is also the matter of the same party being in control of the legislative and executive branches, and congress having to listen to constant complaints from constituents who cannot get a hearing.

The problem is that an overhaul of Social Security will take much money and a lot more employees. That would create jobs, but it is not exactly the type of stimulus being discussed in Washington.

You must appeal if your Social Security Disability is denied at the initial or reconsideration stage.

Many people are denied and do not appeal.

If this happens your case will be over if you do not appeal it. You only have a limited time to appeal.

The only way to get to the hearing stage is to appeal after you are denied.

Once you reach the hearing stage you really need to have an attorney to represent you. An administrative law judge will review your case at the trial and ask you questions.

A lawyer can explain to the judge why your medical conditions limit your activities.

A lawyer can explain to the judge why your conditions meet the Social Security Disability rules and guidelines.

A lawyer can show why the witnesses who will testify that you can perform certain jobs are wrong.

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