I do not know how many times people tell me about others they know who are on Social Security Disability and who are not that bad off.

The basic point to their story is that I should be found disabled because I am much worse off than the other people I know.

My response is that all is not as it appears.

In other words, we cannot see the disabled person’s medical records. We do not know what their work background or educational history. Just because you cannot see the disability does not mean it does not exist. Think of pain, fatigue, mental illness.

Another big difference is age. For instance, the other day a younger person told me that he had waited 6 months for a decision and he knew someone who was 52 years old who was found disabled within 2 months. Once you are 50 years old the requirements to be found disabled are much different than if you are under 50 years of age.

The other thing that appears unfair is that different people who review the cases come to different conclusions. That is life. The reviewers are supposed to use the same standards but human bias always enters in.

The bottom line is that the system is messed up. It takes too long for Social Security to make a decision. It is frustrating but we have to adapt to the long waits or change them.

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