This blog has talked much about the Social Security Disability case backlogs resulting in 2.5 year waits for a hearing.

Another Social Security idea to speed up cases is to have Video trials.

This means that the Administrative Law Judge will be in one location, and you will be at another site.

The ALJ will question you over a closed circuit television hook up.

This allows Judges from different parts of the country to hold hearings.

In theory this allows cases to be heard faster since Judges with smaller case loads can conduct a trial sooner. The problem is that the case still has to be prepared. So staff has to get to the case ready.

There are several reasons not to like Video trials with random ALJs.

One, you do not know the Judge. It is important to know the Judge and understand what she looks for in the case.

Two, it is more impersonal than a face to face hearing. The ALJ sees you and hears you, but it is not the same as being in front of the judge.

I am not convinced video trials will speed up cases to any great extent.

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