June 2009

Why would you need a Social Security Lawyer to help you with your disability case?

2 words: Vocational Expert.

Most people do not know why these people are in the hearing room, and they certainly do not know what to do when they say you can do certain types of jobs.

If the vocational expert testifies that you can work, and this testimony is not questioned in the right way then you may lose your case.

It just does not make sense to take a chance that you will win your case without help from someone experienced in how these experts routinely answer the ALJ’s questions.

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Social Security Disability and getting approved is all about medical records.

You cannot get approved for disability unless you go to the doctor and get treatment for your problems.

I know this is a dilemma for some people. If you do not have medical insurance how you can treatment?

Some people can get a Public Aid card. Some people have access to free medical clinic. Some people can get mental health treatment through low cost clinics.

You may need to pay your own money to see a doctor. Remember this may provide the information you need to win your Social Security Disability case.

When you go to the doctor you need to explain all the problems you have so you can receive treatment.

Do not say that you are coming to the doctor because you need disability.

Do not say that your lawyer sent you.

When these statements appear in the medical records Judges often misunderstand them.

The real reason you are going to the doctor is to receive help for your condition.

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Recent meetings in Washington DC involving Social Security Attorneys have reported that by the end of 2009 Disability lawyers will have online access to Social Security Disability files.

This should speed cases up. It will allow your attorney to find out immediately if you have what is needed in your file, and to see what Social Security doctors say about your case.

Social Security is also hiring more staff and judges. All of this is essential to getting cases heard faster than the current wait of 18 to 24 months for Peoria, Bloomington, Pontiac, Springfield and Champaign, Illinois.

Recent Social Security Disability statistics for 2008 show the following number of SSI recipients:

Champaign County 2,653

McLean County 1,562

Sangamon 4,654

Peoria 4,632

SSI is a program for people who have not worked enough to be eligible for Social Security Disability. SSI also includes children who are disabled. So the statistics reflect population and income levels for the counties in question.

It takes a long time for Social Security to make a decision whether you are disabled so many people want to know if they can work while they are waiting.

It is understandable that you will need to work, but it is a touchy area.

The most you can earn per month is around $900.00 per month gross. The amount changes each year.

The problem is that many Judges will treat your part-time work as meaning that you are able to work full time, and that you are not disabled.

If you work part-time you should keep track of any accommodations your work makes for you, or absences you have because of your illness.

It is not easy to wait and wait for Social Security to make their decision about your disability. However, if the Judge thinks you can work a job and make more than $900 a month then you are not disabled.

Questions about working part-time and your Social Security case? Please call me, Illinois Social Security Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371.