Some things about Social Security Disability hearings are very complicated.

Other things are common sense.

Today’s post will focus on basic straight forward ideas, but they are very important.

Look the Judge in the eye when she questions you, and when you testify. It shows you are interested and that you are trustworthy.

Speak up. The Judge needs to hear your answer, and the proceeding is being recorded.

Be early. The hearing office wants you to be at least 30 minutes early. Judges want the cases to start on time. If the case starts late make sure it is the Judge who caused the delay, and not you. I have seen cases lost before the first question because the claimant was late for the trial. It is not fair, but it is human nature to be upset if you are kept waiting. Remember to take into account traffic and an unfamiliar area.

If the Judge invites you to make a final statement keep it short. You have talked for the last 45 minutes. A long speech will not win your case, but it could lose it.

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