I spend much of my time helping people get their Social Security Disability Benefits they have paid for.

Depression and other mental health conditions are often very disabling.

Social Security recognizes mental conditions alone, and in combination with physical problems, as grounds for finding someone disabled.

Medical evidence is very important in Social Security Disability cases. In mental health cases this means it is crucial that you see a psychiatrist and counselor. You must treat on a regular basis, and take your medications as prescribed.

The basic standard for deciding whether you are disabled is whether your illness keeps you from working full time. The Social Security Judge will focus on limitations caused by your condition. Such as reduced productivity due to lack of concentration, fatigue, inability to follow instructions and carry out daily activities.

Other important factors are hospitalizations, side effects from medications, and the opinions of your psychiatrists and counselors.

Please feel free to contact me, Bloomington, Illinois Social Security Attorney Dirk May, to discuss to best way to present your mental health case to the Social Security Administration.