One important factor in most Social Security Disability cases is explaining your pain to the Administrative Law Judge.

You can break it down into different areas such as:

What is is like? Do you ache? Is it a shooting pain?

Where is it? Does your back pain run down your leg? What parts of your body are affected?

How often does your pain occur, and how long does the pain last?

What aggravates or causes your pain? What is your best position for dealing with the pain?

How does your pain limit you? How does it affect your sitting, standing, walking and lifting? Does it reduce your daily activities?

How do your medications deal with the pain? Do you have any side effects from the medications, such as fatigue or loss of concentration?

What is a bad pain day like? On average how many bad pain days do you have in a week?

The more descriptive and concrete you can be, the better so the Social Security Judge will understand exactly what you are dealing with on a daily basis.