Predictions are a dangerous game, especially when it involves the Social Security Administration, but here goes.

* Filing for Social Security Disability will not get any easier. You can file online now, but it still takes a lot of time and it is frustrating to go through all the steps.

* Social Security will not speed up the decision making process. More people are filing for Social Security Disability, less workers are available so it will still take several months at the initial decision making levels.

* Social Security Disability hearings will not be scheduled any faster. The Peoria-Bloomington Illinois region reduced its waiting time to close to 12-15 months after the hearing request in 2009. I do not see this time coming down significantly. There are too many cases pending and the judges and their staffs can only do so much.

* It will not be any easier to get Social Security Disability. You will still have to show you cannot work your past jobs, and if you are under 50 years of age you must prove you cannot work any job. The law has not changed and will not change in 2010.

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