Many times I am asked this question. It is human nature to want to know. But, truthfully I cannot tell you.

The more I represent people in Social Security Disability the more surprised I am by outcomes.

I could tell you stories of people who are tragically disabled who are denied for one reason or another.

I can also tell you about people found disabled that somewhat surprise me.

The best thing I can tell you is that this is a people business. In other words, the Judges who decide the Social Security Disability cases are human and they have some discretion in their decision making. They do not go down a strict check list.

As one Social Security Judge told me, it is his job to make sure that Social Security pays the people who are entitled to benefits. This is much different than another Judge who might say his job is to make sure that Social Security benefits are not paid to undeserving claimants.

The Social Security Judges are much more inclined to listen to with a empathetic ear to those who are straightforward, who are balanced in their testimony, who are likeable, and who are descriptive. For example, everyone has a good and bad days. What are they like and how often do you have good days. Vague answers do not help the Judge. Concrete examples do help him understand what is happening at home. The hearing is a serious matter, but a slight sense of humor does not hurt. If you are extreme in your testimony some judges think you are exaggerating, or complaining excessively.

Your testimony is extremely important in a Social Security Disability hearing.

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