February 2010

How do you overcome nerves at your Social Security Disability Hearing?

The best way is know what is going to happen at your hearing and be prepared.

In other words, do you know physical set up of the hearing site?

Do you know the questions the Judge will ask you and why?

Do you know the questions the Judge will ask the Vocational Expert and why?

Are your medical records up to date?

Does your Doctor support your Social Security Disability Case?

Why be nervous? Please feel free to call me to discuss what will happen at your Social Security Disability hearing.


If you suffer from MS you certainly may be eligible for Social Security Disability.

With symptoms such as numbness and weakness in your limbs, tingling and pain, blurred vision, tremors, unsteady gait, fatigue or dizziness you will be limited in your activities.

The key will be whether Social Security thinks your symptoms keep you from working on a full time basis.

For example, unsteady gait and dizziness may keep you from standing or walking most of the day but you may be able to work a sit down job. If you also have tremors of the arms and hands it may keep you from using them. This will most likely prevent you from doing any job.

Questions about MS or other limitations and how Social Security Disability looks at them? Please feel free to call me Illinois Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371.

When you have problems that limit the use of your arms and hands this is very important for your Social Security Disability.

The reason is that Social Security is concerned with the limitations you have because of your condition.

The kinds of jobs you can perform are the key to Social Security Disability.

When you have severe conditions that limit the use of your hands and arms occasionally throughout the day, then this reduces the number of jobs you can perform. In fact, there are only a couple of sedentary jobs that do not require frequent use of the hands and arms.

If your condition keeps you from using your hands and arms at all on the job, then there are very few jobs available at all exertion levels.

Feel free to contact me with questions about how your condition may affect your chances for Social Security Disability.

What if you have an unusual condition or disease? Such as Marfan Syndrome or Ehlers Danlos. Does this automatically qualify you for Social Security Disability?

Social Security does not look strictly at your condition. Just because you are diagnosed with a disease does not mean you will be granted Social Security Disability.

The Social Security case reviewers and Judges focus on how your condition limits your daily activities.

They want to know about any pain or other symptoms you may have. Does it affect the use of your hands? Does it reduce your concentration?

The Judge is trying to decide whether you are able to work a job.

Questions about what Social Security Judges are looking for in Illinois? Feel free to call me.