Some basics that may help You when appear before the Social Security Judge for your Disability Hearing:

  1. Show up 30 minutes early. It makes the Judge angry, and you tense if you are late. Why tilt the table against yourself before the hearing starts?
  2. Be pleasant and look the Judge in the eye when you speak. I know you are in pain, but the hearing is less than 1 hour. A good impression goes a long way.
  3. Do not argue with the Judge. Your job is not to argue, it is to explain how your condition limits your ability to perform daily activities such as lifting, walking, sitting and standing.
  4. Listen carefully, then speak. The Judge’s questions are important. You want to know exactly what she is looking for. You also do not want to interrupt the Judge, and talk over him.
  5. Make sure your records are up to date. The Judge wants to know what the your doctor’s most recent treatment involved.

Sounds simple, but these points are important. Social Security Disability is not always simple. The law, the rules and what goes on in a hearing is complicated at times. Questions about your case? Feel free to call me, Illinois Social Security Attorney Dirk May, at 309-827-4371.