Children’s cases for Social Security Disability are completely different than regular Adult disability cases.

Of course, the focus in adult cases is whether you can work. For children, Social Security looks at ability to function in 6 different areas.

Many attorneys will not take Children’s SSI cases. I will represent children in SSI cases because I believe you can win under certain circumstances, and parents need help getting through the system.

You must prove your child is extremely limited in one area, or markedly limited in two areas.

Three of the areas deal with physical functioning, and three deal with mental functioning.

Just as in Adult cases, you must appear before a Judge. The child must appear and testify, unless the Judge says the child does not need to testify. This usually happens for younger children.

The parent also must testify in court before the Judge.

The key in children’s SSI cases is to have good medical treatment, and it helps to have a sympathetic doctor.

Proof of hospitalization, school records, and discipline records are also very important.

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