August 2010

I get a lot of questions about whether you can get Social Security Disability benefits for suffering from Mental Illness.

It is a good question.

People with depression, anxiety, bipolar, to name a few, can be found disabled.

If you suffer from these conditions you need to see a counselor and psychiatrist. This will show the seriousness of your illness, and document what  a professional considers to be your limitations.

Some people have problems getting treatment, but it is well worth it. Without proper medical services you will most likely lose your Social Security Disability case. You may need to turn for help from friends or relatives to get treatment, however in the long run this may make the difference between winning and losing.

What Social Security looks for how your depression, anxiety or bipolar symptoms affect your activities of daily living.

For example, are you able to concentrate, follow directions, get along with others, carry out simple tasks? These are the basics for working a full time job.

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Your Doctor can certainly help your Social Security Disability case.

You should let your doctor know that you are trying to get Social Security Disability. Explain how you are limited in your daily activities.

At some point you will want your Doctor to write a letter for your Social Security case.

I have seen some letters that are not very helpful. They say things like “Mr. Black has a bad back. He is disabled.” This does not help because it is up to the Judge to decide if you are disabled.

The most helpful letters detail why and how your condition limits you. They leave the ultimate call regarding the disability to the Social Security Judge.

The Administrative Law Judge can read between the lines and see how your limitations will make it difficult for you to work a full time job.

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A long illness takes a toll on you, your family and your finances.

Once you win your Social Security Disability case can some creditor grab your back benefits from the Social Security Disability case?

In Illinois, creditors are not supposed to be able to get Social Security Disability money to satisfy your bills.

For example, bills for medical expenses, medications, or living expenses should not be subject to judgment or collection efforts. This does not mean people cannot sue you. However, they cannot use your Social Security Disability money to pay off your debt unless you agree to it.

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