When you get a Social Security Denial letter in the mail you may wonder who made this decision.

In Illinois it goes to Springfield at the Office of Disability Determination Services. This is a State office, however Federal employees housed there review your medical records and other information.

Someone with the title of Adjudicator reviews your medical records, your work history, your date of birth, your education and the Social Security law and regulations.

This person is most likely not a lawyer, and is not a doctor. They make a decision whether you are eligible for Social Security Disability and then other employees review their determination.

The review is usually not very thorough. That is why it is important to appeal your Social Security denial.

If you do not appeal the case is over. If you want benefits, then you will have to reapply at some point in the future. Failure to appeal may also result in lost benefits.

I always recommend appealing if denied at the initial stage and reconsideration stages. Administrative Law Judges usually do a better job of reviewing your case.

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