To be eligible for Children’s SSI, you must meet both the financial and medical guidelines.

If you make too much money or own to much you will not be able to get SSI for your child. That is why Social Security asks you questions about your income and assets.

If you meet the financial guidelines, then you must qualify medically.

In Children’s SSI cases, Social Security looks at 6 different areas. 3 areas deal with physical limitations and 3 areas deal with mental limitations.

You must prove your child is markedly limited in 2 areas, or extremely limited in 1 area.

Examples are a child who is emotionally disturbed to the point that he must stay at a residential facility. Or a child who has severe asthma with documented breathing tests. There are countless other conditions that may qualify a child for SSI.

The point is that the child must show that she is limited beyond the typical child. For instance, just because a child has an IEP with special education services will not automatically qualify her for SSI.

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