The most important advice I can give a person who is applying for Social Security Disability?

Do not give up!

There are 2 levels before the hearing. The people who review the applications are swamped with files. They probably only take a few minutes to determine whether you are eligible.

You cannot quit if you are denied at these levels. You must appeal.

The Administrative Law Judge will give your case the most detailed review than the lower levels. The Judge is a lawyer who knows the Social Security laws and rules.

But what if you are denied at the Hearing level?

You can still appeal after the hearing. It is rare to see a reversal from the Appeals Council, however, remands for another hearing happen more often.

I have also seen cases when a person is denied at hearing, and a new application is filed and Social Security will approve the person for disability benefits.

None of this will happen if you give up.

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