I have been around long enough to see a number of ways people’s Social Security cases blow up.

1. Exaggerate your symptoms. The Social Security Judges spend their day listening to people testify about their conditions and limitations. They can tell when someone is going overboard.

2. Minimize your problems. Believe it or not sometimes people do not go into enough detail about their pain and limitations. See above. You have to hit the right balance when you testify.

3. Do not go to a doctor. Do not waste your time filing for Social Security Disability if you are not going to get treatment. It is not always easy, but you absolutely have to get to the doctor.

4. Give up when you get denied. Most of the people who file for Social Security Disability get turned down several times. You have to keep appealing.

5. Ignore the rules. You have to understand what the ALJ is looking for when he is asking you questions, and when he questions the vocational expert.

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