Yes, it still takes a long time to get your Social Security Disability hearing.

Close to 16 to 18 months from time of filing to hearing.

You probably have heard of someone who claims to have had an earlier hearing. Your neighbor or the guy in the doctor’s office. Of course, you cannot believe everyone.

But, some people are found disabled earlier in the process. This is done at the Department of Human Services level. This would happen anywhere from 2 months to 6 months after the original disability application.

Other people have applied for a faster hearing due to hardship. This means that they are being evicted, are homeless or are losing their home.

You can also ask your Federal legislator to get involved. They will ask the Social Security Office to see if they can speed up your hearing.

The bottom line is that the Social Security Hearing Office is the only one who has the authority to schedule your Social Security Disability Hearing. Your lawyer, your Legislator, or the claimant has no ability to force the office to schedule your hearing.

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