It is natural to be nervous about your Social Security Disability hearing.

It is a court proceeding; a lot is riding on the outcome, and you do not know what to expect.

Let me reassure you that you do not have to be overcome by the circumstances.

The only people in the hearing room will you, the Administrative Law Judge, the hearing monitor, and the Vocational Expert.

There is no jury, and no attorney fighting against your disability.

The Administrative Law Judge has reviewed your medical records and file. She will ask you questions about your limitations and your daily activities.

The Judge will also question the vocational expert about possible jobs you could perform.

You may also question the vocational expert.

The key is to remember that you need to explain clearly to the Administrative Law Judge how your problems keep you from working.

You must also get the vocational expert to testify to the limitations that would keep you from being able to work.

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