August 2011

Security Officer shots man at Detroit office. Click here to read article.


Some media are reporting that Social Security Disability will run out of money by 2017.

A variation of this has been reported for several years.

The sky may be falling, maybe not.

A interesting question is whether this has an effect on the way Social Security Judges rule in their disability cases.

Some judges treat a Social Security disability case like it is their own money.

However, most judges are like umpires. They call it according to the rules.

Of course, some umps are really bad.

I do not think media hype will affect individual disability cases to any great extent.

If you meet the requirements and have consistent medical treatment you can still win your disability case.

Just keep an eye on the politicians and what they do to try to help the situation.

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A Social Security employee has been arrested for stealing money from disability claimants. You cannot trust anyone.
Click here to read article.

Congress investigates ways to cut Social Security Disability payouts. Click to read article that estimates money will run out by 2017.

Who are the doctors Social Security sends you for your disability case?

In Illinois, at least, they seem to be properly qualified.

However, they certainly are not specialists for each case.

They perform a quick exam and write a report listing your problems and results for Social Security.

Social Security uses the exam as a basis for your Residual Functional Capacity evaluation. This is your ability to perform certain activities.

For instance, how much can you lift, how long can you walk and stand, how long can you sit, any limitations on handling and reaching.

Administrative Law Judges often use this information, at least in part, as a basis for their disability decision.

That is why it is important to go to your own doctor often and explain all your problems.

If you do not do this you may be stuck with the opinion of the disability doctor who saw you for 10 minutes.

Questions about your disability case? Feel free to call Illinois Social Security Disability attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371.

If you decide to reapply for Social Security Disability benefits after an Administrative Law Judge denies your case, what has been your experience?

Has your Social Security office allowed you to file right away? Or have they said you must wait 60 days?

Let me know your experiences.

Social Security has issued a new rule regarding appeals in early August 2011.

You must choose between appealing an unfavorable Administrative Law Judge disability denial to the Appeals Council, or filing a new application.

Before you could both appeal and reapply at the same time.

I would advise most people to do both. This kept your shot at back benefits alive, and started your new application as soon as possible.

Now you must decide what gives you the best chance at winning.

It is pretty difficult to win outright at the Appeals Council level, so you may want to skip it and reapply.

A new application usually gets reviewed faster because the case has been worked up for trial.

However, you must make sure that your date of last insurance allows you to file a new application.

This ruling makes an already complicated area of the law, Social Security Disability, even more complicated.

Questions about your Social Security Disability case? Feel free to call Illinois Social Security Disability Lawyer Dirk May at 309-827-4371.

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