What does your Date of Last Insurance mean, and why does it matter?

Social Security Disability is an insurance program.

This means you must pay enough into the system to be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits.

You must be found disabled before your date of last insurance.

For instance, if your date of last insurance is December 31, 2010, then you must prove you were unable to work before this date.

Some people have a date of last insurance of several years ago. This makes it very difficult to prove your case because the medical records from years ago are usually not that supportive.

There is also the question of why you waited to file your case several years later.

The date of last insurance problem usually happens when you have not worked for a number of years, or you have worked sporadically, or you did not pay Social Security taxes.

Even so you may still be eligible for SSI, which is a different type of program.

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