I promise that I am not trying to stir up hysteria.

But I have heard others speculating that denials of Social Security Disability claims have increased.

It is probably too early to tell if this is true.

For those who seek reasons that denials may have be on rise, you can look to several issues.

The economy is in the tank.

The government has badly over spent.

Social Security is projected to be in a world of hurt.

Congress is focused on fraud and abuse.

These factors would point to a Social Security Administration that is sensitive to any accusations of mismanagement and paying out claims that are not “justified”.

Administrative Law Judges do not work in a world free of pressure and politics.

All this creates an atmosphere of paranoia and suspicion.

If you have a claim pending, now is the time to make sure you work hard to show the Judge that you truly cannot work.

Work closely with your lawyer to cover all the bases, and get ready for Social Security Hearing.

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