February 2012

Federal government approves Illinois Medicaid fraud check – Springfield, IL – The State Journal-Register.

Click above to read. Maybe they moved?


Medicare fraud: Biggest case in U.S. history – latimes.com.

Click above to read. Takes some chutzpah to round up the homeless for your scam.

AARP Girding for the Big Fight? – First Street Research Group.

Click above to read. Big issues coming up this election year and beyond: Social Security, Medicare and the Budget.

Rule could cost child support debtors only income | National & World News | KBOI 2 – Boise News, Weather, Sports and Breaking News.

Child support is one of the debts that can reach out and take your Social Security Disability benefits.

Capitol Fax.com – Your Illinois News Radar » The difficult Medicaid choices ahead.

Click above to read. The cuts to Medicaid will be painful for many people in the State of Illinois. If you have no health insurance and get kicked off Medicaid, or denied services because Medicaid will no longer pay for it, then you will be out of luck.
This will harm many people on Social Security Disability or trying to get Social Security Disability.

Call me with your questions.

Yes, I represent people in Children’s SSI cases.

Not many lawyers do these type of cases.

They are difficult cases to win.

Maybe because Judges do not like the cases, or they are used to seeing adult cases that focus on ability to work.

In a child’s case you must prove marked limitations in 2 areas out of 6, or extreme limitations in 1 area out of 6.

The areas cover physical limitations and mental or emotional limitations.

Just being in special education classes is not enough.

You must show that the child is at the extreme end of the spectrum within the special education grouping.

Examples might be extreme classroom problems, serial suspensions, extreme drug abuse, several hospitalizations for mental problems, or severe asthma.

Questions about children’s SSI cases? Feel free to call Illinois Social Security Disability Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371.

Little good news in Quinn budget; details lacking on pensions, Medicaid – Springfield, IL – The State Journal-Register.

Medicaid is already hurting. The ability to get medical treatment is very difficult as it is. If it gets worse more people will suffer, and more people will be denied Social Security Disability because of lack of medical treatment.

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