Sometimes it is a mystery what the Social Security Judge is looking for in your disability case.

But what shows up in your medical records is very important.

You do not have to tell your doctor that your are trying to get Social Security Disability.

Some Judges take this in the wrong way. Like you are trying to unduly influence your doctor.

Many doctors do not understand the Social Security Disability process.

So it not always a good idea to emphasize that you are seeking disability.

Telling the doctor your problems is a good idea.

For instance, if you have back pain and it runs down your leg most days of the week, then tell the doctor.

If you have headaches that happen two times a week, and you have to lie down for three hours, then tell the doctor.

Telling the doctor your limitations is another good idea.

If your legs swell and you need to elevate your legs above your waist each day, then be sure to tell the doctor.

You get the idea.

The more that your complaints and limitations show up in the records the better your testimony will sound at the hearing.

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