A Social Security Disability Case has a lot of paper work.

It is easy to do something that ruins your case while filling out the paper work.

You must be very careful.

One of the Social Security forms they have you fill out is called a Activity Report.

If you are not careful it can blow up your case.

The form asks you to explain your limitations and what activities you can perform.

For instance, if you tell Social Security that you can lift 40 pounds this can result in you losing your case.

If you tell them that you spend most of your day drinking beer this can mess up your case.

If you tell Social Security that you spend your days cleaning your house it can be used against you.

If you do not mark the boxes telling them that you have problems lifting, sitting, standing and walking it may be used against you.

The point is that you have to mindful of what you do at all stages of your Social Security case.

Many Administrative Law Judges will go through these forms to check your answers and may use them to deny your benefits.

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