June 2012

For Uninsured in Texas, Ruling Adds Uncertainty – NYTimes.com.

Click above to read. The new health care law is uncharted territory. For many seeking disability it cannot be much worse than the current system. I have seen many people who cannot get basic healthcare and who are denied Social Security disability benefits as a result.


SPRINGFIELD: State agency re-evaluating its role when disabled people die | Metro-east news | News Democrat.

Click above to read. Very disturbing to think those who are disabled are not being protected.

Injuries to your hands may be very important in your Social Security Disability case.


Remember that Social Security Disability is based on your inability to work a job.

If you are under 50 years of age, then you must prove you cannot work any type of full time job.

Many jobs require frequent use of the hands for handling and fingering.

If you can only use your hands for occasional handling and fingering, then many jobs will be eliminated.

The limitations may be because of diabetic neuropathy, nerve damage or other problems.

You will need to document the problems with your hands with medical treatment records and medical tests.

Problems with your hands in combination with other problems just may help you win your disability case.

For instance, a back problem or knee problems that limit your standing may limit you to sit down job.

A sit down job with limits on the use of your hands will eliminate many available jobs.

Social Security Disability judges always focus on your limitations and how it affects your ability to perform a job.

Do not confuse the ability to perform a job with the ability to get a job.

Everyone knows it is tough to get a job. The test in Social Security Disability is not getting the job, but whether you can perform the job.

Questions about your Social Security Disability case? Feel free to contact Illinois Social Security Disability Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371.

Maximize Your Social Security Benefits.

Click above to read. Obtaining Social Security Disability benefits puts you in the position of retiring at the age of full benefits.

Social Security Press Office: Social Security and Kaiser Permanente Begin Partnership to Speed Up Disability Decisions.

Click above to read. One of the biggest hassles in Social Security Disability cases is getting all your records together for the hearing. It is a great idea to have electronic transfer of records.

Pa. to end program that 'saved my life,' man says | www.kfoxtv.com.

Click above to read. I think a number of states have already done away with these types of programs.

Admissibility of Social Security Disability Determination as Evidence of Causation in a Civil Suit | Sedgwick LLP – JDSupra.

Click above to read. Workers’ Compensation courts treat Social Security disability decisions in a similar way. Different standards apply for the different cases.

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