There was some book title like “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”

Is there anything you should not be concerned about in Social Security Disability?

My answer is no.

Most everything that happens can influence the decision maker, or Judge.

Should it? That is the topic for another day.

What I mean is your Attitude, your presentation, even being on time may make a difference in your Disability case.

Some examples:

Arguing with the Judge does not help your case. The Social Security Judge makes the decision in your case. She did not cause the delay in your case, or give you the painful condition you have.

Over dramatizing your condition, or toughing it out does not portray your true condition. Just tell it like it is.

Showing up late for your hearing is not smart. Social Security Judges run the hearings on a tight schedule. Some Judges will make you reschedule if you are late. Others may take it out on you in the hearing, or cut your hearing short without listening to all the evidence.

Lesson to remember is that most everything is important in your Social Security case.

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