Some clients will ask me if they should just give up their Disability case.

The underlying emotion is understandable.

You are in pain, you are emotionally exhausted, and you have been waiting for a hearing for over one year.

The old Churchill quote is never give up, never give up, never give up.

Well in most Social Security Disability cases it applies.

Maybe you should drop your case if you have returned to work, and think you will be able to keep working.

But remember if you have been off work for more than 12 months you may have a right to Social Security Disability benefits if you can prove you were disabled during all this time.

Do not give up if you cannot work full time.

Do not let your emotions overcome you.

You know what will happen if you drop your case.

You will get nothing from your Social Security benefits.

If you do not appeal your denials, then you will have start over.

Many cases that are borderline have been approved.

But not one of those cases would have been won if the person gave up.

You never know what will happen unless you show up before the Judge and you have your day in court.

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