July 2012

CHICAGO: State lawmaker: DHS 'failed' in protecting disabled adults | Hidden suffering, hidden death | News Democrat.

How do you answer the question of why you did not investigate multiple deaths of disabled people.


Social Security card fees add up | GoErie.com/Erie Times-News.

Watch for the fees once the paper Social Security checks go away.

Federal Register, Volume 77 Issue 143 (Wednesday, July 25, 2012).

Click above to read. New ruling on Fibromyalgia. Do not get your hopes up. I do not think this will make it easier to get approved for Social Security Disability if you suffer from this painful disease.

Woman who lived with corpse charged with forgery.

Click above to read. Everyone needs a friend. This is not unusual. Haven’t they seen Psycho.

A major element that is part of Social Security Disability is the idea of limitations.

You need to keep this in mind when answering questions from the Judge and your lawyer.

The kind of conditions you have are not as important as the limitations.

For instance, a successful back surgery is probably not going to result in disability.

However, a back surgery with permanent restrictions of lifting 10 pounds, limited standing, and heavy doses of pain medications are likely to result in a finding of disability.

Questions about your daily activities and ability to perform chores are used to gauge your ability to perform work like tasks.

Questions about things you used to be able to do and what you can do now are used to determine what impact your conditions have on functioning.

You must remember that the core parts of a job from Social Security’s view are: sitting, standing, walking, lifting, use of your hands for grasping and manipulating, use of your arms for reaching, and concentrating on tasks throughout the work day.

Pain is a factor because it may limit your ability to perform these key factors.

Your limitations must be believable.

Limitations are made believable through repeated trips to your doctors with ongoing complaints of your problems and how they restrict your daily activities.

Questions about Social Security Disability? Feel free to contact Illinois Social Security Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371.

U.S. Attorney: Norwalk Man Admits Defrauding Social Security – Norwalk, CT Patch.

Click above to read. Am I missing something? Why not check for a death certificate.

Where is Obama on Social Security? | Common Dreams.

Click above to read. The question will be asked till the election and beyond.

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