Ever watch What Not to Wear?

Here are a few tips to help you out in your Social Security Disability Case.

Do not get mad at the Social Security employees. They are the people who see you first. Some make notes about your case and what you do when you apply. Why make unnecessary enemies?

Do not neglect to fill out your forms. The initial decision is based on the doctors you see. Tell Social Security about all your doctors so they can get all your records. The activities of daily living report is your chance to explain all the problems you have around the house.

Do not blow off the Social Security Doctors. You must attend the appointments Social Security arranges for you. Why risk an automatic denial.

Do not be lazy about seeing your doctor. Social Security is all about the medical records. Why risk being denied just because you do not want to spend the time to see your doctor.

Do not forget to tell the medical staff about all your problems. If you do not tell the doctor about your problems Social Security will ignore you.

Do not yell at the Social Security Judge. It is not the Judge’s fault that it takes such a long time to get a hearing. Why make the person who is going to make a very important decision in your life irritated with you.

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