August 2012

Some Social Security Disability Tips to celebrate Labor Day.

1. Do not wait to file your Application. You can lose benefits if you wait too long to file. It also takes a long time to process your application so you might as well get started.

2. Go to the doctor. You cannot win your Social Security Disability case if you do not have medical treatment. You should go to the doctor as much as you need to. Social Security Judges look seriously at what your medical records contain.

3. Tell the doctor all your problems and limitations. It makes more of an impact when Social Security sees your limitations reported in the medical records. The doctor cannot read your mind so explain how your conditions affect your activities of daily living. Such as, I need to spend most of the day with my legs propped up because they swell all the time.

4. Do not give up. It does not do any good to file your application for disability, and then not appeal it when you are denied. This also causes you to lose benefits. You also must start over if you do not appeal. This is a waste time. You only have 60 days to file your appeal.

5. Know what to expect. Do not go into your disability hearing without understanding what questions the Judge will ask and why the Vocational Expert is very important to your case.

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Dems dust off, attack 2010 Ryan plan to partially privatize social security | Fox News.

What fun. Over 2 more months of this stuff. The problem is that Social Security will continue to be a hot issue for way past the election.

Social Security’s Woes Are Worse Than You Think – Bloomberg.

Something will have to change regarding Social Security and Medicare. But how dramatic will it have to be?

Will Social Security be there for me? – Lowell Sun Online.

It might be a grim future if Social Security is no longer available. People we need to stop living so long.

Critics say complaints continue about Lincoln nursing home – Springfield, IL – The State Journal-Register.

Let’s face it, the entire healthcare system is stretched to the maximum. Finding proper medical care is not getting any easier.

Thanks for the tip from Attorney Jonathan Ginsberg from Georgia.

If you need a cane, make sure your doctor prescribes it for you.

Social Security Judges will often give the use of the cane more importance if your doctor prescribes it for you.

The reason that it is important is that the use of a cane supports limitations on walking and standing.

Certain cases can be won and you will be found disabled if you are limited to walking and standing less than 6 hours a day.

A prescribed cane shows that your doctor thinks you need assistance with walking and standing, and shows that you will have trouble working jobs that involve a majority of standing and walking.

A prescription also helps make more credible your complaints of pain.

The combination of limits on standing and walking along with limits on reaching and handling and fingering may be enough to keep younger people out of the work force also.

Young people have a rough time proving disability since many judges and vocational experts think they can find some type of job for them.

However, there are not many types of jobs available when you are limited to sit down work and you cannot use your hands and fingers much.

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Some analysis of the different proposals regarding Medicare.

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