You can get Social Security Disability if you have diabetes.

The fact that you have diabetes will not guarantee you are approved for disability.

Some people’s medications control their condition and they can work without much problem.

The real question is if your diabetes limits your functioning and keeps you from working.

For instance, some people have had to have toes or feet amputated.

Some people with diabetes have neuropathy that causes numbness, tingling and pain in their feet and hands.

Others have serious issues with passing out or lapsing into diabetic comas.

Diabetes that causes blindness will certainly result in Social Security Disability.

If you have diabetes that limits your standing, walking, lifting, or handling and fingering, then you have a good chance of winning your disability case.

Often your doctor will have testing done to confirm that you have neuropathy, and the levels of your diabetes.

Make sure you are taking your diabetes medications as directed.

I have seen some Social Security Judges who will deny people because they do not take their medications as directed.

The most important thing for your case is to make sure you go to the doctor and tell her all the problems that your diabetes causes you.

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