Headache cases in Social Security Disability are tricky.

At first glance it would appear to be relatively easy to win.

Everyone has had a headache that wiped them out and made them sick to their stomach.

Working with headache is not pleasant.

The problem is that many Social Security Judges want objective proof of the problem and its severity.

Just testifying that you have ongoing headaches with severe side effects is not enough.

You will need to treat with a neurologist who diagnoses you with a certain type of headache after some testing.

It would be helpful if the neurologist is willing to provide a statement that your headaches are consistent with your condition and it is reasonable to expect that they will make it difficult for you to perform activities of daily living for extended times for at least several days a month.

You will also have to show that you take the headache medicines and that they do not stop the headaches.

Some Judges will want to see some emergency room visits with strong pain medication treatment.

Testimony of people who observe you having multiple headaches and being wiped out would also be helpful.

The key questions is how do your headaches limit your ability to function, concentrate and perform productively throughout the day.

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