The usual evidence in a Social Security Disability hearing is medical records, your testimony, possibly a witness, and maybe a statement from your doctor.

Other evidence is testimony from a vocational expert and at times a medical expert’s testimony.

What about photographs of your condition, or even videos of your condition?

Some Administrative Law Judges will ignore pictures or videos, MRI films, or xrays.

The rationale is they are not doctors and cannot make a medical determination, or judgment based on this type of evidence.

Other Social Security Judges are willing to look at the the pictures or videos and give them whatever weight they deem proper.

The bottom line is that it does not seem to hurt to provide photos or videos.

The type of case it may be helpful for is something such as extreme swelling of a leg, severe rashes, burn cases.

The other advantage of photos or videos is when Social Security calls in a medical expert to testify.

This will give the expert something else to study and testify regarding your condition and limitations.

Just make sure the quality of the images are good and are easy to determine the body part and in contrast to a normal extremity.

With the technology available today this should be doable.

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