What are the major reasons people are found disabled?

Thanks to Colorado Social Security Lawyer Tomasz Stasiuk for his updated information on leading impairments for Social Security Disability.

At close to 33 percent of the cases muscoskelatal disorders lead the way.

This includes back injuries and disorders of the legs and arms.

Mental disorders are next highest at 19 percent of the cases.

Circulatory system problems represent 10 percent of the cases. This includes vein problems and heart problems.

There is a category for all other impairments at 18 percent.

The thing to remember is that most Social Security Disability cases involve a combination of problems.

For instance, someone who suffers from depression may also have back problems.

Most cases do not involve one problem.

The more conditions you have the better your chances. As long as all your problems are documented.

For example, I recently represented someone who had back surgery and ongoing hip problems, she also suffered from incontinence and anxiety.

She most likely would not have won her case on her physical problems alone.

The Judge would have kept her in a sedentary job.

Her mental conditions pushed her over the edge into unskilled, simple work and made it clear that she was disabled.

The bottom line is that everything counts in Social Security Disability.

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