Are those long, annoying Social Security Disability forms asking about your ability to function important to your disability case?

Once you have applied for disability Social Security will mail you a long set of questions about what keeps you from working, what you do all day, what chores you can do, what limits you have, and places you spend a lot of time.

The people who make a decision on your case will review your answers.

If you have a hearing, then the Administrative Law Judge will have access to your answers also.

Your answers may have a lot of impact on your case.

I have seen people who explain that they spend a lot of their time in bars.

This will raise many questions for the Administrative Law Judge.

Such as are you an alcoholic?

If you can do this why can’t you work?

I have seen people answer that they spend a lot of time on the golf course.

Social Security is making the connection between your daily activities and your ability to perform functions at work.

You need to explain the context of your activities.

If you can do chores at home do you need to take breaks and rest while you perform them.

Your answers should reflect this.

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