Sometimes it helps to get the overall picture before you dig into all the details.

There are plenty of rules and twists and turns in Social Security Disability cases.

But the Big Picture is that you should not give Social Security a reason to deny your case.

Whether they are the Disability Determination Office or the Administrative Law Judge they are usually looking for a reason that you are not disabled.

This means that you should do the right stuff so you are not sticking out as a case that is easy to deny, and so that you look like someone who is disabled.

This means that you should turn in your paperwork explaining how you are limited in your activities around the house.

This means that you show up for the doctor appointments that Social Security sets up for you.

This means that you go to your doctor at least every 3 to 6 months.

This means that you tell your doctor about your limitations.

Such as I need to elevate my feet three times a day for 30 minutes each day to deal with the swelling.

Or I need to lay down twice a day to deal with my back pain, and can only walk for a couple of blocks because of my arthritis.

This means you are straight forward in your testimony to the Judge.

This means you do not get angry with the Judge.

This means you do not lie to the Judge.

This means that you do not overlook your problems and pretend like you can cope with your conditions when you talk with the Judge.

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