I wish I could serve you up some old fashioned holiday cheer, but reality is often hard and cold.

So here are some truthful tips about the state of Social Security Disability.

It is getter harder to be approved for Social Security Disability.

Part politics, part reality of a tough economy closing in.

Social Security Judges making it more difficult to be found disabled. Approval ratings for some Judges hovering in the 20 to 30 percent range.

What are some ways to overcome this difficult situation?

Take a note card with you when you go to the doctor and write your problems and limitations on the card. This way your doctor will not forget what he should put in your medical records.

Take note of your daily activities and chores and how your conditions limit you and require you to take breaks and rest when you do these things.

Be ready for the Social Security Judges questions.

Why can’t you work a full time job?

Why can’t stand and walk most of the day?

Why can’t you lift more than 5 pounds?

Why can’t you use your hands and fingers more than occasionally throughout the day?

Be ready to question the vocational expert.

What if you miss more than one day a month due to illness?

What if you cannot be productive 80 percent of the day?

Questions about how to do your best in these tough times? Feel free to contact Illinois Social Security Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371.