This is always an important question when you apply for Social Security Disability.

For those people under 50 years of age it is very difficult to win your case.

The reason is that if you can do any job at all then under Social Security rules you are not disabled.

Social Security rules do not take into account the real world.

For instance, Social Security does not care how high the unemployment rate is, or whether you can only do a minimum wage job now instead of your high paying job.

They do not care that there may be 50 able bodied people applying for each job and that someone who has any health problems will be passed over.

There are hundreds of sit down jobs that exist in the economy according to Social Security.

Sit down jobs are the lowest level of exertion for Social Security Disability.

This means you must convince Social Security that you cannot do a simple sit down job.

To do this you must prove that your pain will distract you enough to reduce your productivity below 80 percent for your work day.

Or that your condition will result in you missing more than one day a month of work.

The medical records must support the reduction in productivity and the need to miss work.

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