There may be many reasons a person is denied disability but there are some leading causes.

Lack of medical treatment is at the top of the list.

Social Security Disability is all about medical.

If you do not have medical treatment, then you will be denied.

This includes doctors for physical problems and psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors for emotional problems.

Incomplete medical records are another downfall.

Sometimes the medical providers do not provide the records to Social Security.

You have to follow up with the doctor’s office to make sure they send them in.

At the hearing stage you are responsible for supply the medical records.

You must make sure that you have ordered all the updated records to support your case.

Age is a big reason for denying your case.

Social Security rules provide that if you are under 50 years of age you will be denied if you can do any job.

This is, of course, a high standard to meet.

Social Security likes to say that you can do a simple sit down job.

You must convince Social Security that you cannot do any job at all.

The nature of the Social Security process is another big reason for denial.

The filing of disability applications has increased a lot.

The number of people reviewing applications has decreased.

This results in delays and reviews that are not thorough.

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