I have read that some people are afraid to use a lawyer in a Social Security case because they do not understand how they pay the attorney.

There is a federal law that controls how fees are charged in Social Security Disability cases.

There is no fee unless you win your case.

There is no fee unless you are awarded back benefits.

There is no fee on the monthly benefits you are paid once the checks start.

Social Security calculates your benefits and they do not allow a lawyer or anyone else to have access to your funds.

Social Security also distributes the money to you, and then to the fee to the attorney.

You need to take the long view in Social Security cases.

If you win your case you will receive benefits for the rest of your life.

The highest fee an attorney can receive is $6,000.

Most fees are lower.

Such as 25% of the back benefits.

If you receive $200,000 over your lifetime and lifetime medical benefits, then you can see that the attorney fee is a very small percentage of the overall benefits you may receive.

The goal is to win your case and get the disability benefits started.

Remember, Social Security is a complicated system and it helps to have the advice of an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer.

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