Social Security Disability is considered an insurance program.

This means that you must pay enough taxes into the program to be eligible for disability payments.

Social Security requires you to have worked 20 quarters in the last 10 years.

This means that you must earn a little over $4,500 a year to earn 4 quarters in a year.

The advantage of being eligible for Social Security Disability is that you would be able to receive a monthly payment and Medicare.

You can see that if you go years without working, then your quarters will drop and your date of last insurance will be farther away.

If your date of last insurance is March 31, 2009, then you must prove that you were disabled before this date or you will not receive any payments.

The farther in the past your date of last insurance the more difficult it is to win your case.

Some examples that will lead to problems for your disability case:

you go years without working;

you work but do not pay your Social Security taxes;

you are a stay at home mom or dad; or

you work as a school teacher or at a university where they do not pay into Social Security.

You can see that even working part-time can help you reach the quarters you need to have protection through Social Security Disability.

Even if you do not qualify for Social Security Disability you may be able to qualify for another program called SSI.

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