February 2013

GOP Medicaid plan would let some Missourians in, kick others out : News.

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This battle will play out in Illinois and the other states. Medicaid will expand. The tension is how to pay for it, and what will happen to those who are not eligible for it.


Social Security braces for sequestration, frustrated public – baltimoresun.com.

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Will they go to the edge and turn back? Seems like that happens most of the time. If this goes into next week the media will go into overdrive. My understanding is that Social Security payments will continue.

Friday's the deadline for getting Social Security electronically : News : CNYcentral.com.

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Sign up for direct deposit or else.

News Radio WJPF – Woman Admits Stealing Late Mom's Social Security.

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Yes, it is a crime to steal Social Security benefits.

Why did it take so long to figure out that mom was dead?

Right from the beginning, you need to know how Social Security decides whether you are disabled.

This is important because those who review your claim are looking at the application and your supporting documents and your responses to their questions.

Sometimes the workers who take your application will even write comments in your file about their observations of your condition.

The first question is whether you can do your old job?

If you can perform your old job, then you are not disabled.

If you cannot do your old job, then can you do any job?

If you can do any job, then you are not disabled if you are under 50 years of age.

The questions Social Security asks about your conditions are looked at in the light of how they limit your activities.

Questions about daily chores, taking care of pets and children, what you do all day, where you spend your time, what you can lift, how far you can walk are all asked to determine whether you could do this in the workplace on a consistent basis.

Questions about your past work regarding lifting, standing, sitting and walking are important because it may mean you can do your old work.

Be very careful how you make your application for Social Security Disability and how you answer the questions sent to you. They may be used to deny you disability benefits later in the process.

Questions about your Social Security case? Feel free to contact Illinois Social Security Disability Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371.

University City doctor admits overbilling Medicaid : News.

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Medicaid fraud. Overbilling and billing for time never spent treating patients. Everyone loses.

Susan Tompor: Medicare fraudsters reach out to seniors.

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Watch out for Medicare fraud. The bad guys are always coming up with something new.

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