I think it is very important to be prepared for your Social Security Disability hearing.

You usually have to wait about one and half years for your disability hearing. So you do not want to mess it up.

I like to talk with my client about what is going to happen at the hearing at least 30 to 40 days ahead of time.

This gives me time to decide what other records are needed before the hearing.

It also gives the claimant time to think about the questions the Judge will ask and how they will answer the questions.

I also like to remind the claimant right before the hearing what the Judge is going to ask and what she will look for when she decides the case.

This will refresh your memory and help you to focus on what is important to the Judge.

At times I have had people tell me that they have some experience testifying in court and that they do not direction or feedback about their case.

This usually ends very badly.

Never go into court overconfident.

The Judge is the one is making the decision whether you are disabled.

Do not make the Judge mad or frustrate her.

Remember your lawyer is here to help you and get the most out of your testimony and make sure that you are presenting your case in the most favorable light possible.

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